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 Production of recombinant proteins and antibodies

Today, many laboratories in the field of molecular biology face the problem of production of recombinant protein based on the sequence of studied gene. This recombinant protein can be further used for functional assays or production of antibodies in laboratory animals to detect the protein on Western blot or to immunolocalize the protein in different tissues.

Our offer:
We offer professional high-scale production of such proteins in different expression systems (bacteria, yeast), refolding of the protein in custom condition and production of antibodies against the recombinant protein in rabbits or mice. We have long time experience in this technique, our laboratory can provide: large-scale horizontal shakers, vacuum centrifuges, AKTA purification system and animal house.

Exaples of customer tasks:
1) Please clone purified PCR product of Coronin, based on human gene (CORO1A), into expression vector and produce 10mg of refolded recombinant protein in E. coli expression system.
2) Produce rabbit serum (purifed by ProteinA) against provided human recombinant protein Coronin (CORO1A).

Contact person: Dr. Daniel Sojka

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tel. +420 387775453 


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