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Lyme disease transmission model for testing vaccine candidates
We have developed a reliable transmission model of Lyme disease, which is crucial for all projects focused on identification of genes or molecules affecting Borrelia transmission. Our model employs main European tick species I. ricinus and European Borrelia strains (B. afzelii, B. garinii, B. burgdorferi sensu stricto) and mice as vertebrate host. We also optimized methods for detection and quantification of spirochetal DNA in ticks and murine tissues.

Our offer:
We offer tailored experimental setup for testing molecules or drugs having potential to affect Borrelia transmission from infected tick to vertebrate host. We can silence gene of your interest by RNAi and determine spirochete levels in gene-silenced ticks and determine spirochete burden in murine tissues. Alternatively, we can prepare recombinant protein based on gene sequence and test its blocking effect on vaccinated mice.

Exaple of customer tasks:
I discovered an interesting tick gene and I want to test its role in Borrelia transmission.

Contact person: Dr. Radek Šíma

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tel. +420 387775496 


Tick in nature

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